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There are no trophies today, only tribute

10426850_1465020713738242_212590675963882393_nHe walked as a warrior

It is easy to say “danger is inherent to work” and it is quite another when an accident strikes close to heart. Today we lost our mojo, and the back bone of the Mongrol Hoard.

A day out rat hunting with close friends took an unsuspected turn with a simple freak accident. A small puncture wound of unknown origin was quite deep and punctured the liver, and a vibrant rat slayer was laid to rest to ease his suffering.

People often comment on once in a lifetime love, and once in a lifetime dogs. This cannot be more relevant than in the case of the irreplaceable. While you often see this idea in motion the hole left behind makes it crystal clear.

I was given a dog, a dog that started all this rat catching and terrier mayhem. I named him “ Sir Grumps A lot” Grumpy lived in a chain link kennel and was fear aggressive before I met him but he had a look that caught my eye. It can never be said as more true, “it was Grumpy who taught me, the ways of the terrier “

I may be at a loss the rest of my life to find a finer example of the American Rat Terrier. Grumpy was a alert and handsome male weighing perhaps 16- 17 lbs and a fierce hunter of vermin and varmit alike. Grumpy battled the challenge of severe alopecia, medially luxating patellas, and under-socialazation. But even with these faults you could not ever doubt his desire to hunt.

If I had to pick one dog, for any job it was not much of a choice. Anyone who ever had the pleasure of watching him work would say the same, “Grumpy is amazing”. You might not ever get to pet him or even touch him, unless you sat down and relaxed. But if you needed a job you could not go wrong.DSC_5308IMG_1378






It would be impossible to count times he dragged me through berry patches after a coon, chased varmints away from my poultry, went back home because walking in the rain sucked (when you have no hair and alopecia), or jumped through the window of my vehicle to sit at peace in the sun. Like all real terriers he had a mind of his own.

How would I prove this supposed value? Simply put, he killed more rats that I can count.

Grumpy Dog, may you sleep in the sun where thunder and guns do not exist to disturb your rest, and all dreams are of chasing rabbits.

“My Heart is shattered “