The Leviathan has landed aka Levi

The Leviathan has landed … aka Levi




For those that didn’t know, the Mongrol Hoard has emigrated

North of the bay area to rural land in Oregon, Grants Pass is the official address. It’s a big and very scary move after living in Sonoma county and also the Bay since 1998.

I do not have friends and farm contacts here and although it offer a lot of opportunities the present can be tough.

I spent not quite a decade visiting farms with the Mongrol Hoard and developing a cult following. It’s sobering and humbling to look at that from a far and be in a new and unknown place, where my dog’s are just dog’s and I don’t know where to start at finding rat’s.

Wish us luck as we struggle to share our work and worth in a new place , on our mission of traditional rat catching. Using quality dogs to keep poison off farms and confirmed dead rats on our board for counting.

we will continue to road trip an hunt rats in our home haunt as often as the opportunity allows.





  1. Phil November 15, 2016

    Good luck Jordan… I’m sure that it won’t be long before your skills and those of your Mongrol Hoard will be just as well-known in that part of the world!

  2. Jreed November 16, 2016

    Cheers …

  3. Denise Godman January 10, 2017

    Dear Jreed & Hord,
    I am occasionally awed by coincidences, maybe you will be too.
    I sold you some motorcycle boots last summer in Pt. Reyes, briefly became aquainted & was impressed with your Old World skill/trade. I have shared with several about your outfit, if not only for its uniqueness.
    Don’t ask me why am I looking up your website at 1:45am but long story short; I moved back to So. OR last yr. Wilderville to be specific. I live on a farm, I’ve spoken of you to the owner who’s been here 40 yrs. There’s a good networking opportunity I think.
    I’m such a curious person….would love chat.
    Welcome to the coldest winter in a century!!
    Denise Godman

  4. Jreed January 14, 2017

    Im newly to OR too, welcome to send me a direct email through

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