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Terriers and Chickens

I get asked this a lot ” how do i keep my dogs from killing chickens ” and it is simple really.

The best way to keep a dog from killing chickens, is to put it on a leash.

99 percent of bad behavior is lack of exercise or lack of supervision.

A supervised dog on a leash, can not kill a chicken, and can be corrected and rewarded for positive and negative behavior.

I start all young dogs on a short leash attached to the carpenter hammer loop on my pants. This is how the dog travels around the farm meeting animals on all daily chores. The leash has a carabiner and can easily be hooked to fences or gates as they progress. It is typically just a matter of time until they graduate to a longer leash and eventually running free and still dragging the leash.

The dog will never ever, be loose, off a leash ( minus a way to catch and control ) or unsupervised until it is safe around chickens.

All lunging, staring or excessive interest in livestock or poultry will be met with a strong vocal command and a leash tug.

I have struggled with one dog killing guinea hens until I started crating her overnight in the guinea pen, and after a week and a half of crated nights inside the coop she has never looked at a guinea again as they apparently bored her to tears.

A cat is much harder to train dogs to be safe around, unless you have a cat that will not run and trigger the prey instinct.

Buy a good bell and cats will be warned of the dog and stay far away from him/her

I keep typically keep a few small, good flying bantam roosters that are free range to test the resolve of young dogs and monitor the progress of their interest in poultry. It allows me to have the dogs run free without the leash, because there will be a lot of commotion long before the death of a bird . If a bird is harmed common which in not uncommon with a terrier pup ,it is not a prized fowl on a job site.

I use biothane straight leads no handles when dogs are running free, they are almost impossible to tangle