Representing Terriers

Representing Terriers:

A response to the daily questions we get about where to get a dog just like ” Levi the Leviathan”.

“Levi the Leviathan “

While yesterdays post ( our loss of ” Sir Grumps Alot ” ) was a reminder of fine example of a working terrier that has passed. It was also a reminder of a terrier gone wrong. What happens when a terrier is in the wrong hands and how they end up in shelters and being put down.

Grumpy was a fearful, anxiety ridden, bored, and human aggressive dog that was given to me or would have likely been put down.

This is what happens to a “cute” terrier dog, in the wrong hands. Through proper exercise, stimulation and hunting he blossomed over time into a fine example of a working dog despite his faults.

I represent terriers, a small dog that loves to live face-first in the earth and has a strong desire to chase and destroy vermin and varmints. They are stubborn, bad listeners and have insane energy levels.

I care about what a dog can do, how healthy it is, and how it effectively works in motion.

I do not care what breed it is or what color it is, as long its fit the needs I have and does its job well.

Hunting goes far beyond simply having a dog on a farm that occasionally catches a mole, vole or mouse. This is a legitimate use for a terrier, but this is farm dog, not a hunting dog.

A hunting dog gets loaded and taken off its home site. It has to perform consistently in all conditions and situations. It is this testing of skills, courage and stamina that shows the true nature of the beast.


Levi and Scruffy


Considering I have visited more farms than most fertilizer salesmen, and have photo proof of my dogs’ true nature, it could be said that I own something along the lines of performance hunters.

This is what you might see:

You see cute dog.

You see handsome dog

You see what you think looks like a fun dog, or useful dog, and think this looks awesome.

This is what you do not see:

You do not see the hours and hours of training and exercise that goes into the making of a well behaved performance terrier.

You do not see the daily hiking, biking and walking.

You do not see the 10 year commitment to a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is determined by commitment to the dogs.

You do not see the hours I spend driving my dogs to hunting locations where they can can exorcise their energy into rats that end up dead.

You do not see the destruction one these small energetic dogs is capable of when ignored and without stimulation and exercise.


What my dogs are, and where they came from is not important.

They are terriers, and I assure you that just because you think they are cute, handsome, a magic solution, or awesome, that does not mean you should get one.

The shelters are stock full of terrier type dogs for the reasons listed above. Dogs that if they had the needed love, supervision, exercise and stimulation would be wonderful dogs for you.

You can not buy dogs from me, now or ever.

What breed are my dogs? That is easy, my dogs are terriers.

P.S. For actual farmers that have serious need of dogs, we talk in person to learning about your purpose. It is only through personal connection and knowledge of experience and need that a recommendation of terriers is made.

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