In a World Gone Mad Dogs Do Not Care About Your Color

n A World Gone Mad , Dogs Definitely Do Not Care About Your Color And Rats Remain.
A polarized people and nation captive to bias and believing a corporate controlled media have apparently lost all sense.
Despite the creation of the ultimate driving machine, climate control and processed foods we seem no closer to understanding the basic human condition.
The default search of unconditional love only shows glimpses of hope under looming shadows of much darker human emotion.
One should never wonder why I chose the company of dogs when considering the circumstances.
If your going to protest do it with strategy and well organized and if you want to drown out hate do not use violence use a vuvuzela, for hate has can not out speak the combined mind numbing voice of 20k vuvuzelas. available here
What am I going to do? Well I am not going to march around. I am going to continue traveling and enjoying a large and multicultural cross section of friends and farm family by engaging with terriers on the farms and homesteads of the west coast.
The things that often impact situations are deeply personal interactions. Like sharing in the blood, sweat, tears and the triumphs and trials of farm life and management.
Its chosen civil service for the common good combining all the things that I love most.
What are those things I love most? Diverse people, farms and homestead, good dogs, good food and also importantly dead rats.
Do you have some hate or rage that needs channeling? I advise that we unite as humans beings to face one of the most intelligent and widespread pestilences ever known to mankind.
When your done marching around and blowing your trumpet and tooting your own horn ( see above link to the vuvuela ) you can use the very same instrument for common good in the war against Rattus Norvegicus. Im positive if you hit a rat hard enough with a vuvuzela it would kill it or at least slow it down enough for the dogs to catch it. Honestly against such a cunning foe we need all the help we can get.
As Always Celebrating Good Dogs , Dead Rats in Buckets, The Wonderful and Diverse Farm Family , and Friends I Collect Along My Journey.
P.S. Ill take a purple vuvuzela thank you. Which can also be used as a traditional hunting horn at the start of all future group hunts.

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