Mythical Rat

Everywhere we go we hear about this mythical rat.  You know the one.
“We have this one rat that is as big as a cat!”
“We have a giant 10 pound rat!”

Although we have been on hundreds of farms and homesteads and eradicated thousands of rats, we have yet to meet this famed individual.  The largest rat we have caught was 1.272 pounds.  Famed rat-catcher Brian Plummer supposedly caught a Norway rat that weighed in at 2.4 pounds, but there is no reliable record of this except his word.

There are some other varieties of rats that do get bigger than the Norway rats.  One example is the Gambian Pouched Rat, native to Africa, which has been used for mine detection.  This one gets up to 6 pounds and is a known invasive species in the Florida Keys, but hasn’t migrated to the Western States.

At any rate, we don’t misbelieve you and we are still hoping.