Pack Master General, Head Rat Wrangler and leader of the No Glove Brigade


Anna D
Head Mistress of Hoard North, owner of OG Hoard dogs and passionate herbalist

Photographer, Hoard Mother and Main Squeeze, urban farm consultant and natural bee keeper

Cory M
Hawker & Master of Black River Terriers

Jim M aka Doublesnake
Dervish of Dialogue, a real handful of queer abilities

Erik B. aka Jesus
Fabricator and machinist par excellence, Engineer in Command at Brute Force Engineering

Dave and Kristine
Mustachio and his LongHorn loving Lady

Juan C,  and his son, Leo
Urban Terrier owner and veteran of many hunts trying to get his son involved

Candice, Jeanette and Josh
A terrier loving family with many hunts under their belt

Bronte G aka Eagle Eye
Confident sharpshooter, supporting the hunt where no dog can go


Sir Grumps A Lot-
American Ratting Terrier – Male
Aka Grumpy Dog- Top Rat Dog
Working syle: Doesn’t know stop , rat finding, catching, dispatching machine and stone cold killer.
Enjoys: finding varmints at inopportune times and dreaming about rabbits


O My Good Golly, I cant believe Im called Herk-a-Mer  Farm Feist – Bitch
Call name: Golly Gurl- Queen Bee
Working Style: like a challenge and long range chases, prefers to sit back and catch big rats trying to sneak away
Enjoys: neck rubs and running off with large specimens during the hunt to practice her rat psychiatry

Nutso Lil Miss Grimm Squeaker Farm Feist – Bitch
Call name: Squeakers or Squeaky McGee – surpurb athlete
Working Style: a very vocal rat locater and extremely devoted athletic catcher , busy body
Enjoys: Being the life of the party and hunting her arch enemy the squirrel

Ms. Super Cala Fragialistic Extra Scrufaliscous Jagd Terrier- Bitch
Call name: Mc Scruffin or Scruffy – digger
Working Style: Dig til your nose bleeds. Chew through metal. Never give up.
Enjoys: getting skunked and stealing yogurt containers

Oakleaf's Serious Force of Nature: Levi the Leviathan ~ Patterdale Terrier Male
Call name: Levi
Working Style:  Straight up  farm thug
Enjoys:  Chasing sheep and cows

Shock & Jaw: Acute Peanut Allergy   Rescue Terrier Bitch
Call name: Peanut or Pea Knucklehead
Working Style:  Enthisiastic busybody
Enjoys:  Digging for gold and hunting lizards and frogs


Emporor Maximiliian: Gimpin' the Hood Min-Pin Male
Call name: Max or Maxtafarii -loveable lap trouble
Working Style:  Dead-checker
Loved by Lance G

Just a Missy Demeanor, Out on Bail With a Wiggly Tail True Mongrel -Bitch
Call name:  Missy D – playful prancer
Our pound puppy is now loved by Danelle & Wayne of Washougal WA
Run run run run!

Clan Clark Kill or be Kilt Farm Feist – Male
Aka Huckleberry
Loved by Ron and family
Lives full time on a family farm with poultry operation

Curious George is a True Monkey Butt American Ratting Terrier- Male
Aka Monkey Butt
Loved by Jeanette
Lives full time as rascally companion



Itsa Bella Bella and the wiggly butt parade American Ratting Terrier – Bitch
Aka Bella Bella – flushing specialist
Working Style: energetic finder and catcher of all size rats and great and fitting in tight spaces
Loved by Anna D
Enjoys: running rabbits and sleeping under covers

Holy Mole’ American Ratting Terrier- Bitch
Aka Holy Mole’- Original Terrier of the Hoard. Daughter to Grumpy
Working Style: a special dog with some disabilities she is a dispatcher, she will not release a rat she has caught for any reason until it has been pronounced dead, thoughly dead
Loved by Anna D
Enjoys: Floor heating on car rides



Thelma,  daughter to Golly Gurl, loved By Jim M
Stix,  loved by Dave & Kristine
Mooey,  son to Holy Mole and sister to Bella Bella, loved  by Terry & Karen
Wendell, loved by Dana
Curry, loved by Grace Ma
Quinn,  loved by Katie McK