The Mongrol Hoard specializes in dog caught and dog dispatched dead rats or as we like to say “whacking, and stacking em, dead and in buckets.” Our two main tools are a good shovel, and a good dog and both of those are hard to find sometimes. We also employ friends and farm workers as labor that is needed to make the rats bolt, including heavy lifting and cleanup.

The Mongrol Hoard, now seasoned and effective, indicates the location of the rats through body language.  This is called marking. Once the rats are located, it is the job of the humans involved to flush the rats out, or force them to run.

When the rats run, the dogs spring into action and dispatch the rats quickly and humanely, with a bite and shake, and then move on to the next moving target.

Not focusing on the blood and guts, a rat killed by a skilled terrier takes a but a few seconds to die, compared to death by poison, which takes five days of thirst driven agony while the internal organs weep blood.