We are located in Northern California and regularly  hunt within a 2 hour radius of the Bay Area.  With enough interest we are glad to travel further. We are currently seeking contacts and locations in Oregon and Washington, where some of our satellite members reside and where we hope to relocate to within the next year. Over time, we hope to hunt the world.

We are interested in addressing the rats at the source and look for the earth warrens with visible tunnels and activity,: this is where we excel. We use a variety of home made tools and lots of digging in order to flush the rats from the ground and the dogs catch and dispatch. We do not like or permit spectators, as people that are not connected intimately to the process rarely understand and often offer only critique. We do not catch rats in walls , under houses, in crawl spaces or insulation. We always hope for locations with lots of rats. If there are enough rats we can bring extra friends and dogs. In the ideal situations we come 2-­‐ 3 times a year.

We do this not as a business but as a way to support small scale and organic farming. We currently ask a donation of $100-­‐150  and a case of beer (light, dark, or IPA) for a 2-­‐3 hour hunting session.  This is for a local hunt and we may ask more for longer drive times. In addition, the landowner or location must provide some labor, as it is intensive work to flush out the rats for the dispatch via the dogs.  This money does not reflect the actual value of the work we do.  If we were to charge market rate, it would stop being enjoyable and start being work and we already have a full professional lives. This is for the love of good dogs, the support of small and organic farms and to maintain traditional methods.