We hunt with our pack up and down the West Coast from The SF Bay Area to Sonoma County, and throughout Oregon and Southern Washington.  With enough interest we are glad to travel further.

Our service is for farms and homesteads who have confirmed rats living in earth warrens with visible tunnels and activity, as this is where we excel.  We especially seek larger infestations of rats in such places as dairies, poultry farms, waste management facilities and feed mills. We are glad to hunt on homesteads managing moderate numbers of livestock, as long as we can confirm there are rats present.

We do not hunt inside residential buildings. We do not catch rats in walls , under houses, in crawl spaces or insulation.

We use a variety of home made tools and lots of digging in order to flush the rats from the ground and the dogs catch and dispatch. We do not permit spectators, but the landowner must provide  some labor as it can be an intense amount of work often involving moving wood and debris and lots of digging to get to where the rats are nesting.

We always hope for locations with lots of rats. If there are enough rats we can bring extra friends and dogs. In the ideal situations we come 2-­‐ 3 times a year.  In situations where actual rats cannot be confirmed we do sometimes come out to do a “consult”  this can involve less dogs and a shorter time frame. Accordingly we also also charge a bit less for the service  A consult lasts 60-90 minutes and the donation is sliding scale $75-125 scale plus a box of beer.  A full hunt lasts 2-4 hours and the donation is $125-200 and a box of beer.

We do this not as a business but as a way to support small scale and organic farming. The donation requested does not reflect the actual value of the work we do.  If we were to charge market rate, it would stop being enjoyable and start being work and we already have a full professional lives. This is for the love of good dogs, the support of small and organic farms and to maintain traditional methods.

To inquire about having us out to your location, please fill out our hunting inquiry.