The Mongrol Hoard is a working terrier pack who love to hunt rats. Our dogs work safely around chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, pea-fowl, goats, cows, sheep and even cats. Our dogs are interested in one thing and one thing only: searching out and dispatching the Norway Rat.

Rat hunting with dogs is an old time skill and an old fashioned way of dealing with the pesky critters without using poision. Working ratting packs are common in the United Kingdom, the birthplace of terrier breed dogs. In the U.K. rats and rabbits are among the only legal game animals. In the USA where big game hunting abounds, the Mongrol Hoard is a rare breed, a self taught terrierman (rat hunter) and his dogs.

The Norway Rat, Rattus Norvegicus, is a non-native invasive pest brought to the Americas in the 1700s by European settlers. Unchecked by many natural predators, these disease-carrying critters go where there is an easy food source, water and places to hide. The Norway rat resides in warrens in the ground and particularly thrive in areas such as chicken coops and hay barns when there are concrete foundations to burrow under. Because of their frequent heat cycles and short gestation period a single pair of Norway rats can produce up to 2000 offspring in one year.

Enter the Mongrol Hoard.

We offer a non-toxic and effective option for organic farms where rat poison is illegal and for other small farms and homesteads who want to keep noxious chemicals out of the food chain. Rat poison kills slowly and painfully over days and is toxic to other levels of the food chain. Rat eradication with dogs is in contrast, quick, efficient, humane and leaves no trace.

A note about our name: Our kennel name is Jreed and his Mongrol Hoard of Rascally Rat Wranglers and this spelling is correct and intentional. “The Mongrol Hoard” as they are affectionately called, is an entendre; “Mongrel” being a less-than-affectionate term used for dogs of unknown descent, and “Mongol” being a fearsome Asian warrior. “Mongrol” is a modern slang for a person of poor attitude. The Mongol Horde is well known, but although I use multiple dogs my “Hoard” of treasured bad attitudes is very unique.