A Typical Hunt

The dogs of the Mongrol Hoard are true heritage working animals, bringing dogs back to the farmstead and local poultry scene.These farm feists are skillful and enjoy their work, but this is not magic. It requires cleaning of chicken coops, moving of scrap material and sometimes waiting ’til the hay is low in between loads for effective hunting. In fact, we should really call it “farm clean up with dogs.”

More and more people are interested in being closer to their food sources and keeping a small flock of chickens is one of the fastest growing phenomenon in the US. But few people are aware of the rat problems that can build up with poultry, poultry feeds and the compost people feed them.

A typical hunt lasts 2 – 4 hours. We ask that farmers provide one or two adults to help and there is usually additional cleanup to be done when we leave. We do not like spectators, anyone who is present is expected to participate. As we hunt, we are looking at the farm systems and feed arrangements and telling farmers where they should focus clean up efforts and/or rebuild coops and structures for best practices of both keeping rats out and ability to hunt them when there is an infestation.

We do not catch rats in walls, under house in crawl spaces or in insulation and we are always hoping for agricultural locations with lots of rats. When there are enough rats we bring extra friends and dogs to help and in the ideal situations we return to a location 2-3 times per year.

We do this not as a business but as a low cost service. This is for the love of good dogs, the support of small and organic farms and to maintain traditional methods. Depending on driving time we typically charge $100-150 for a hunt and a box of beer. The money  covers gas and food for dogs and humans.  We are also serious about the box of beer–any style, light dark or IPA is fine.

To determine if we can be effective at your site,  we’ll expect you to provide us some information and photographs before scheduling a hunt.  If you have a significant infestation (200 rats or more) we’ll waive our fee.  To inquire and be sent a questionaire please use our contact form.